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Crohn's Disease



The Active Ingredients in Medical Cannabis such as THC and CBD work with your body's naturally existing endocannabinoid system to help ease symptoms and treat your chronic illnesses.

As explained on the left you have cannabinoid receptors 

throughout your entire body and they have a wide variety of functions. Certain receptors are more concentrated in specific regions of the body. 

The diversity of receptor locations shows just how important endocannabinoids are for day-to-day bodily function.

These cannabinoid receptors help regulate things like:



Motor control
Immune function
Reproduction & fertility
Pleasure & reward
Regulating Body Temperature

Appetite, digestion, & hunger

Endocannabinoids are messengers that tell your body to get these processes in motion and when to stop.​

Cannabis (marijuana) has been used for over 3,000 years to treat ailments according to the National institutes of Health.

​One of main uses associated with Medicinal Marijuana is it's ability to help in the treatment of chronic pain. 

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has reviewed more than 10,000 scientific studies on the medical benefits of marijuana recently. The review  found that medical marijuana and medical products containing cannabinoids like THC and CBD are effective at relieving chronic pain.

Providing High Quality Information and Education for Our Clients is a Top Priority At Brandon Medical Center.

To ensure you are well informed on your choices and options for treatment we are devoting an entire section to Medical Marijuana including additional pages dedicated to giving you the information you may need to help make good decisions.  Please be sure to scroll down the page for additional educational material and make sure to visit our other Medical Marijuana pages if you have questions or want to learn more about this new area of treatment.

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Medical Marijuana's Active Ingredients including THC and CBD have been shown to be beneficial for many medical conditions 

Did You Know The Human Body Has Cannabinoid Receptors?

Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the body. They are part of the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is involved in a variety of physiological processes that effect your overall well being.

​Currently there are two known subtypes of cannabinoid receptors, termed CB1 and CB2.

CB1 receptors (Represented in Red Below) are primarily found in the brain and central nervous system.

CB2 receptors (Represented in Blue Below) are most prevalent in the immune system and associated structures.

 Is Medical Marijuana is right for your Medicinal Needs?

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Steps For Getting Approved for Medical Marijuana

  1. Patient coming in to qualify needs to bring their list of medications and a copy of records with the condition they are seeking medical marijuana treatment for.
  2. Patients that do not have their medical records can sign a release and our office will request records for you.
  3. At the office visit the physician will conduct a physical examination including a full assessment of the patient's medical history.
  4. A diagnosis will be given for the patient with one of the qualifying medical conditions.
  5. The physician will then determine if medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential risks for the patient.
  6. A review of the patient's controlled drug prescription history will be done using the prescription drug monitoring program database.
  7. After approval the physician will register the patient in the Florida Compassionate Use Registry and assign a Patient Approval Number.
  8. Patient must then submit a completed application to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Our office will provide you with the application.
  9. The State will send the approved patient their picture I.D in the mail and the patient is then legal to fill their medical marijuana recommendation.

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At Brandon Medical Center Your Care Is Our Primary Concern.

We Will Provide Our Expertise to Guide You Through

Every Step Of The Medical Marijuana Evaluation Process.  

Our Medical Marijuana Video page  includes an in depth lecture from Florida Doctor Michelle Weiner which is very helpful to understand “How Your Endocannabinoid System Works to Treat Patients.”

For further information you can also visit the Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia's entry onCannabinoid receptors.

Guide To The Different Types Of Medical Marijuana Products:

* Capsules -  Like most modern medicine Medical Cannabis can be taken orally in a pill form. The capsules contain liquid mixture of the active cannabinoids found in marijuana.

* Cartridges used for inhalation of vaporized cannabis oil. This process is similar to using an E-cigarrette. A battery heats the cannabis oil and turns it into a vapor that is then inhaled.

​* Sublingual Sprays. Sublingual, meaning "under the tongue" is a medical spray taken orally. Sprayed under the tongue it is readily absorbed in to the blood system.

* Topical Applications. Cannabis products can come in creams, lotions, patches and other forms that can then be applied to the skin. 

* Tinctures and Oils. Tinctures and oils are liquid forms of cannabis that can be used under the tongue, added to beverages, or mixed into food that is being prepared..

​*Edibles. There are many different forms of premade food products containing medical marijuana. Gummy Bears, cookies, and other premade food items can be purchased for use in administering Medical Marijuana

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And Other Conditions With The Same Severity And Symptoms When Determined By a Qualifying Physician​.

There is considerable evidence that Medical Marijuana can help relieve nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy and other conditions.​

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